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Happy April Fools' Day

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The origins of April Fools' day are a mystery... to me. Because I didn't look it up.

April Fools' day should be the National Magic Holiday! Pranks are hard to get right. If you don't go far enough it's not funny. If you go too far people get hurt either physically or emotionally.

A rubber band on the kitchen sink sprayer to make it squirt someone when they go to use the sink is an old favorite. Or putting a piece of tape over the optical sensor on the underside of a computer mouse is fun.

If you've done those and are looking for something better, learn a magic trick! Here's one we can do together:

But it's not all fun and games.

How do I plan ANYTHING right now?

It can be challenging to plan events in the best of times but right now planning anything is incredible tough.

Should my event be virtual?

Can I have something IRL (In real life)?

What if the rules change between planning the event and the event date?

These are all things probably swirling in the minds of every person looking at the calendar and seeing an upcoming birthday, anniversary, communion, or graduation.

The quick and continuous changes make any advice old before it's given. So, I would say, "Be as flexible as possible."

If you can plan your event at a venue that you control like your home or office or at a venue that is very low cost like a Church basement or the multi purpose room in your building then if you need to move the event to the virtual world, you can easily do it. If it's at home, just let your guests know to go online instead. If it's a low cost venue, tell them to meet you online, and then your rental fee is a donation to the organization.

Plan for Both

Picking activities that can be done both in real life and virtually will make your planning much easier. Things like trivia can be played in both locations.

And if you hire me to perform at your event, I guarantee that I will make the transition as seamless and painless as possible.

Remember whether we want to or not, we are all in this together. Leave a comment with any questions you have about event planning and let me know if you have a fun April Fools' Prank!


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