Some Things I've learned over 20 years of doing family shows.

Many years ago I put together and shared a little booklet called "The Easy Birthday Guide." It was so long ago that the original ones were printed on paper, mailed to interested people, and featured my landline. I am currently working on the latest PDF version of the guide. I'm updating it with tips for new technology, new norms, and new things I've learned over the years. Below you can pop in your email address and get the last version of the guide and I will send you out the new one when I finish it in the next few weeks. Until then enjoy and few tips that will be in the newest version. You're Grounded! If you are having an entertainer at your event, whether it's me, or anyone else, have t

What to look for in a party entertainer

When you are considering hiring an entertainer for your party there are a few things you need to be on the lookout for. Are they a full time entertainer? Anyone can wake up one morning, create a website, print out some business cards, and call themselves an entertainer. It takes years of skill and devotion to be a full time entertainer. Professional entertainers need happy, satisfied clients, in order to make a living. A part- timer with a day job does not need to have the same level of commitment to his clients because if he messes up or just doesn't feeling like showing up to your gig, he has his job to go back to on Monday. Do They Specialize in your type of Event? Not too long ago most m

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