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Family Magic Matinee November

This is Starting to become a Thing

After the incredible reception to the Family Magic Matinee in October, I have decided to make the show a regular occurrence.

Right now we are scheduling the show for once a month but it could become more regular if people want to see a quality family friendly magic show.

We also feel we might have found a new home that is a great fit for the show.

The Newport Theater is a relatively new space in the Wrigleyville neighborhood that makes it easy for people like me to rent the theater and produce their own shows. It is great for commuters as it is an easy 4 minute walk from the Addison Stop and they have some cool technology that we will be utilizing in future shows. They also have a bar so we may be able to offer some grown up drinks in the future and juice boxes (or similar) and snacks! The programming director there is very keen on what we are doing and wants to do more!

Who's this "We" you Keep Talking About?

My wife. She's not just my marriage partner but she is my business partner and my creative partner. If you have ever met, Erin, you will agree she is awesome. Make sure you say, "Hello" to her when you arrive at the show! She'll be the one checking you in when you arrive.

Come be Part of the Fun

My show is very interactive so if your little one wants to get up on stage and be part of the fun make sure you join us on November 23 at 3:00 PM at the Newport Theater, 956 W Newport, Chicago, IL. Tickets are available here:

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