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What to look for in a party entertainer

When you are considering hiring an entertainer for your party there are a few things you need to be on the lookout for.

Are they a full time entertainer?

Anyone can wake up one morning, create a website, print out some business cards, and call themselves an entertainer. It takes years of skill and devotion to be a full time entertainer. Professional entertainers need happy, satisfied clients, in order to make a living. A part- timer with a day job does not need to have the same level of commitment to his clients because if he messes up or just doesn't feeling like showing up to your gig, he has his job to go back to on Monday.

Do They Specialize in your type of Event?

Not too long ago most magician's business cards read, "Magic for All Occasions." Impossible! And I should know, I am seen to do the impossible daily at my shows. But there is no way a person could perform a satisfactory show for all possible audiences in all possible situations. You don't want a late night comedy club magician doing dirty jokes at your kid's birthday party.

Do they Offer Peace of Mind?

Does your entertainer offer you a contract guaranteeing your date and time? Do they have any way for you to preview their service? Many entertainers have highly produced videos that show lots of short clips. But can they entertain for an entire show? Are they good or is their video editor good? You should choose a performer that you can see perform before you commit to buying.

About the Author:

Edd Fairman, is a full time professional magician based in Chicago Illinois who specializes in entertainment for family events. You can see Edd perform almost daily at SafeHouse Restaurant in the River North Neighborhood of Chicago. See when he is there at:

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