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Easy Birthday Planning Tips Part 2

Three More Tips

Here are three more tips from The Easy Birthday Guide. The guide has my top ten planning tips, a time line, and a check list so you can host the easiest birthday imaginable for your child.

Bring in the Squad

Having a few extra grown ups around is very helpful. Yes, parents of some child guests may stay at the party and they hopefully will chaperone their own child but they may not help with the other guests. They need to be empowered to do so. Just asking another parent before the party if they could help out with keeping an eye on everyone is usually enough. Its tough to be host, parent to your own child, party director and chaperone all at once.

Keep it Short

A party that is 2 hours long is plenty for most young children. Also, putting a definite end time on your event and letting the other parents know will make your day so much easier. Also, more guests are likely to attend if they know exactly how much time to commit from their schedule. Weekends are short and families try to cram everything into a few precious hours. So, knowing what to expect makes life easier for everyone.

If it's not for the party it's going away

If you are having a the party at home, putting away toys, games, and valuables that aren't meant for the party will save you so many headaches. Sequestering things into a corner is usually not enough for any guests able to walk. Little ones are inquisitive and they will get into all the things they aren't supposed to! This can include toys that your child is especially fond of and that they can get protective of.

Get the entire guide

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