Edd's award-winning, family-friendly magic show  is  an interactive experience where the magic happens almost in spite of itself. Props and tricks fall apart only to become something else entirely right before your eyes! This kind of  magic  can only work with the help of you, the audience.  Audience participation is essential for most tricks, meaning your birthday child and other partygoers can get in on the act!

Show length varies according to your package. See package options below to determine the best fit for your event.

Packages And Prices

Each package features my award winning family friendly comedy magic show. My show is based on what we call, "magician in trouble." Essentially the show is structured that the magic happens almost in spite of myself. My props literally fall apart into pieces on the floor. The magic happens usually because of my audience volunteers or the whole audience saying the magic words. My show is 100% interactive and I use many volunteers though out the show. Most of the tricks use two volunteers so the birthday child can volunteer for as many tricks as they would like yet their friends still get to be involved in the show

Bronze Package

The first package is a half hour version of the show and then I make balloon animals for up to 20 children. This takes about another 30 minutes.

This gives each child a keep sake to take home from the party. This package lasts about 1 hour and is available for 




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