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 Edd's award-winning, family-friendly birthday party magic show  is  an interactive experience where the magic happens right in the hands of your child and their guests. This kind of  magic  can only work with the help of you, the audience. 

Audience participation is essential for most tricks, meaning your birthday child and other partygoers can get in on the act!

Show length varies according to your package. See package options below to determine the best fit for your event.

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Each package below has been tailor made for birthday parties. Each show is adjusted to match the ages of audience members, the size of the room, and the size of the audience. My show is designed to fit into your home so you do not have to rent a venue. If you choose to rent a venue, my show can be expanded to take advantage of the space. Also I carry $5million liability insurance that covers the venue. Many rental halls require this.


The Birthday child is the absolute star of the show and many tricks use two volunteers so they can volunteer as much or as little as they want and their friends still get to be part of the show. 

My award winning comedy magic show is fast and funny enough to keep even the youngest guests engaged and the magic is sophisticated enough to fool even the most jaded adult. You don't have to worry about kids wondering around during the show or older sibs claiming the show is "just for babies." 

With over 20 years of birthday party magic experience, I've seen and seamlessly dealt with it all. From bathroom "emergencies" to guest's of honor who are just over all the attention and hoopla and decide in the middle of the show they don't want to participate anymore, I've guided the show and audience to a fun conclusion without any judgement or negative attention.

Bronze Package

*Birthday Child is the star!

* 100% interactive

*30 Minutes Long

Tell Us About Your Event:

When you book with me you get a contract guaranteeing your date and time. You can book with the peace of mind of booking a full time professional entertainer with 20 years of experience and and thousands of satisfied clients. I am also fully insured.
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